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Oh we have a witch blog oops.


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Elk’s “Come Clean” Spell


I was listening to some music from when I was a kid, Hilary Duff’s “Metamorphosis” album, and I got the inspiration for the following spell. It is meant to help you be true to yourself.

I chose crystals that were not water soluble and not toxic, for your safety.


- rain water

- salt

- crystals (choose one or more)

  • moss agate
  • bloodstone
  • howlite
  • obsidian
  • crystal quartz
  • turquoise

- bowl

- washcloth


If music helps, have the song playing as you do this.

Pour the rain water into the bowl. Add the crystal(s) and enough salt to make the water cloudy. Soak the washcloth in the water and scrub your body down. Imagine that you are rubbing away the lies you have been told and told to yourself. Rinse and repeat as needed.

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Witchcraft and Sickness: How Effective is it?


(Note: These are based on my personal results and may not be true for everyone.)

Plenty of books will tell you not to perform magic when you’re sick. They will tell you your magic will be weaker, and in some cases this might actually be true. It’s not hard, however, to find a way around it. One only needs to alter their perspective on the spell in question.

For this post I’ll be talking about normal vs. abnormal states of health in regards to witchcraft. In this case normal refers to how your body usually is and abnormal to the often short periods of time when your health is weakened. For example, someone with diabetes is in their normal state of health. That’s just how their body is. But someone with diabetes who has a cold is in an abnormal state of health. It’s the cold that will inevitably effect magic capabilities, not diabetes (and a big fuck you to anyone who thinks people with permanent illnesses or disabilities shouldn’t do magic.)

Now, authors like to say that the intent behind magic is weakened when you’ve got the cold or flu or something along those lines, and that’s sometimes true. If you’re working a happiness spell and trying to put positive emotions into the spell to fuel it, the spell may not be as strong as you want it to be. Your head hurts, your nose is running, your throat feels like Freddy Krueger’s claws got a hold of it. It’s hard to draw on happiness alone when you feel like that. But that’s an easy fix.

Think about all the emotions that are heightened when you’re in an abnormal state of health. Fear, hostility, vulnerability, despair, longing, loneliness, restlessness, anger - these are weapons in spellcrafting. These are the emotions that can fuel a spell to make it stronger and more effective.

Take the happiness spell. You’re feeling like total shit and calling on positive energy or emotions to make it work isn’t going smoothly. But calling on desperation to fuel the spell could, in some cases, give it just the push it needs to be stronger and faster. You are desperate to feel happiness when your health is less than what it normally is, and that desperation shouldn’t be overlooked or waved away as useless.

Some of you are probably thinking “but I’d rather focus on the positive things. Like attracts like…” Which, believe me, I get. There was once a time in my life when I only wanted to focus on positive aspects because embracing the negative weighed me down too much. But the less than pretty emotions you feel are critical aspects of who you are and can be the difference between a half-hearted spell and a powerful spell.

This doesn’t just apply to physical well-being, either. Spells relating to emotional health can benefit from this treatment, as well. Emotions like anger, betrayal, vulnerability, and aggression are often stronger during emotional distress than they are during physical distress. Latch on to one of these emotions and use it to power through a spell (there’s a reason most curses, even the well-meaning “make the person see their faults” kind often draw on anger).

This obviously won’t apply to everyone, but think it over the next time you have to call off from work because you’re too sick to stand. You may find that dabbling in these emotions can help improve spellworking, or you may find that you function perfectly normal when you’re sick (lucky bastard). Either way, don’t let someone else tell you that you shouldn’t perform magic when you’re in an abnormal state of health. Only you can make that decision.

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wait so you wouldn’t recommend her? I was thinking of buying a pendulum from her

Well that was just a personal issue I had. I’ve never purchased her items, as I said I’ve never been on etsy. If you really like something of her’s that you can’t find anywhere else for cheaper, by all means go for it. I was just posting a little rant about what she said about her candles haha.


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So I decided to check out Etsy for some witchy stuff since I’ve never been on there and came across that White Magick Alchemy store. Her stuff is nice but in her descriptions she claims she’s always being copied and that her designs are original/unique and says she was the “original” source of these type of candles….

Uhh I’m sorry but I’ve seen these candle designs being done waaaay before Etsy even existed. Especially in the witch stores around my town.

I’m sorry lady but I’m calling MAJOR bullshit.


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This is an update of my lunar altar, which I’ve decided to moon into a permanent area in my home instead of hiding it in my closet. By eliminating some of the more obvious symbols (my pentacle for example) I’ve made my altar less conspicuous and boyfriend-friendly.

I’ve removed my wand, pentacle, Book of Shadows, and chalice, though I’ll be adding them for rituals. I’m storing everything on this shelving unit bookcase thing, I just need to re-arrange a few things and get everything organized before I take pictures for you guys. I’m also going to re-cleanse everything, along with cleansing/consecrating some new stuff, to make everything flow better. I’m happy with this compromise and super proud of how this looks! I’ll be altering this slightly throughout the month for rituals but I do have a separate faerie altar that changes more frequently. I’ll take some pictures of that soon, as it’s relatively new. Hope you guys like it!


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